Ive finished! Ive walked 1200 miles in 7 weeks and 4 days! Ive walked along roads, through fields, along rivers, over moors and over mountains. Ive had all sorts of weather from scortching hot to bitterly cold, gale winds, fog, thunder and lightening, but on the whole I think Ive been very lucky with the weather! Its been very hard mentally and physically at times but also very enjoyable and life enhancing. The wildlife and scenery have been amazing and I was even lucky enough to see an otter and just yesterday a seal. I will continue with the blog during my recovery time in Orkney as I know some people are interested to see the amazing sights of these islands. My thanks to everyone that has followed my blog for your encouragement and your generous donations to Naomis House Childrens Hopsice. It gives me great pleasure to know my efforts will help to support such a worthy cause.

LEJOG - Lands End John O Groats

Thanks for visiting my blog... This expedition has been two months in the planning and training and will hopefully be two months in the execution. I will endeavour to entertain you with a few tales and interesting pictures of my trip as I travel the length of Great Britain in my Lejog challenge... so please call back and send me messages of support to boost my tired legs!

I am collecting sponsorship for Naomi's House childrens hospice. Naomis house provides support and respite care to people under the age of 18 who are unlikely to live in to adulthood. They have two facilities in Hampshire costing 45 million per year to run, serving sick children in seven counties. They are 93% funded by charitable donations.

You can sponsor my trek at http://www.justgiving.com/Malcolm-Woodford

Thursday, 17 June 2010

My engine is back to firing on four cyclinders! While my stomach has
still been a bit iffy i've been able to get enough nutrition inside me
yesterday and today to be enjoying the walking again. A very good 10
hours of sleep no doubt helped as well; my apologies for the mistakes
at the end of yesterdays blog but I was dropping off!

This morning I left Biggar and headed to Lanark by a mixture of paths
and roads, staying as clear of the main roads as possible. After lunch
in Lanark I picked up the Clyde walkway and spent the rest of the
afternoon walking along the river headed for Glasgow centre. I'm now
camped in the council run campsite on the edge of Strathclyde loch
about 10 miles out from the city centre. Tomorrow I shall hopefully
reach the city centre in the morning and pick up the west highland way
in the afternoon headed for Loch Lomond. Having put in a relatively
long days walking today I covered 29 miles. I'm looking forward to
posting some nice pictures of the highlands for you over the next few